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Arnaud Temporel short resume

Arnaud started photography in an unconventional way.


French citizen, at the age of 12, passing the college's open-door photo club, he looked inside this dark room with a beautiful red light.

His curiosity was rewarded when the two older students inside said : “ come on in ! "

From that magical moment, one of his first passions was born.

The following Christmas he solicited an enlarger from his parents and began making hundreds of developments and enlargements.

This even before holding a camera in his hands.

It was a laboratory photographer's approach before taking pictures.


Young adult, he shot Parisian fashion models, film sets, and worked photos for a large Parisian laboratory. In a second passionate life of aviation he specialized in aerial photography, and was a photographer reporter in the magazines VOL MOTEUR and AILES MAGAZINE for flight test reports and its own race events.

A third passionate life of the sea led him to create a charter company with sailing catamarans in the Caribbean during which he photographed all the Lesser Antilles from the Virgin Islands to Venezuela, and he created several booklets.


Today, as a US resident in Florida he shares his time between developing new projects and making photos to order.

Portrait, fashion, animal, sport, architecture, aerial, real estate, boudoir, wedding.... no limit just request !

And if you need your private photographer "on the go" lets talk !

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